Announcement of 50 lakh for innovative start-up by Nepal government

Startups due to COVID-19 outbreak are running extremely hard. While the major industries and businesses have been facing difficulty during this time imagine how hard a growing startup might have been hit in this difficult situation.

So, here’s a step ahead by the government of Nepal announced a startup grant program for innovative business through the National Planning Commission.  This effort by the government is to help growing startups in the country. The eligible industries are ICT, Agriculture, Energy, Health, Tourism, Education, Manufacturing, Transportation, and other Resource Management Oriented Business. This step could sustain and overcome the period of crisis.

How you can Apply for the Startup Grant?

Go to if you have any startup and register. Your startup may receive a minimum of 10 lakh to a maximum of 50 lakh.

If you think your startup is innovative to be eligible for this scheme, then it can be a great opportunity to grow even more. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the opportunity.

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