e-Pass introduced by Ministry of home affairs

Government of Nepal has extended on-going lockdown and people still needs to remain inside their home. It’s for all of us and to take control over the COVID-19. But what if someone needs to go out due to their emergency work.

If you are one from them then its good news that the government has introduced the e-pass system. Due to the lots of request and person needs to go to respective offices, the government has chosen the e-pass system.

How you can apply for this?

Before proceeding mind that not all applicants will be accepted, only those with the utmost importance will be accepted.

You will need to go to the site https://epass.moha.gov.np/ or just send any message to 1112 where you will get the same link https://epass.moha.gov.np/. You need to fill the personal detail including personal identity, the reason for the pass, what duration it is going to be, also you can add vehicle number if you want to travel on your vehicle.

If you provide the strong reason for you going out than your application may be accepted with confirmation code and the same code is works as permit for you to travel from one destination to another.

The pass is only for essential purpose so unless you have a special reason or strong reason to travel out don’t fill the form with unnecessary reason.

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