Educate Nepal Online.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes in our lives also resulting in lockdown for a week. As a student pursuing a career in the technology field might be frustrating and demotivating.

So to utilize the time CSIT Association Of Nepal has come up with organizing a series of free workshops for the students in collaboration with Neosphere and other IT communities “Code for Change”, “Ascol I.T. Club”, “DWIT Software Club”, and “Himalaya Information Technology Club” to educate Nepal online.

Timeline for all the webinar and workshop are: Career in IT (26- March-2020)
UI/UX (27- March-2020)
Java (28- March-2020)
AI (29- March-2020)
C/C++ (30- March-2020)
CCNA (31- March-2020)

Educate Nepal online

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