Facebook New Web Layout.

At F8 2019 conference, Facebook announced a plan to push out a massive redesign for both websites and mobile app. Though the android application started getting a new layout with every single update, the website was supposed to get a new interface in the next few months. However only the selected users were getting an invitation to use the new web interface.

Now the company seems sending invitations to all users to experience the new designs.

With its new update facebook describe it as a much cleaner design, and provide an experience similar to its app.

The new layout has a more easy to understand menu, icon and news feed. The redesign is supposed to put emphasis on Groups and Events, which have become two of the biggest reason people visit Facebook.

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The dark mode is another major highlight in the new layout. Users can turn on-off the dark mode from the option available in the quick settings.

Also, you can switch it back to old classic mode if you are not fan of the new layout.

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