FUP stands for Fair Use Policy which has been together with unlimited internet for long. It is policy or rule by ISP’s implemented to costumer for distribution of data in equal and even amount. According to usage, not everyone on the internet uses the same amount of bandwidth or data provided to them. If the customer uses the internet in a high amount that might affect the whole quality of the network. So the FPU is introduced.

So, though you connect internet from any ISPs saying unlimited internet, you get limit to some extent. FUP limits the use of the internet and slow down speed after the consumption of a certain volume of data.

If the customer has a limitation on internet usage, why are they are marketing internet saying unlimited package? When you cross a certain amount of data ISP’s decrease the speed of the internet. The decrease in speed varies from ISP’s and they have their own rule.

If you are thinking of finding the FPU policy of different ISP’s of Nepal and what is the min bandwidth you can use, you won’t find any such information on the internet except few ISP’s websites. Because the interesting fact is they don’t disclose this to their customers. According to isn’t, it rules to declare the FPU rule to every customer before selling it?

Coming to 2020 do really ISP’s need to have FUP? Don’t they have enough bandwidth to provide truly unlimited service to the user? As a European country they don’t have FUP so can we assume having FUP in 2020 is the strategy of earning more money.

Whatever we say whether we like or not FUP is going to be for long. But the thing is at least ISP’s need to tell about FPU to their costumer and it should be transparent.

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