For the first time AI robot as Lead Role in a Sci-Fi Movie

Erica a humanoid robot will soon be the first artificially intelligent actor to take on the lead role in a film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. You will see Erica staring in the sci-fi movie “b”. The story is of 7-$ million about a scientist who has come up with a program to “perfect” human DNA, which glitches and becomes dangerous. So, the scientist must help Erica, the AI that he’s created, escape the lab.

Erica AI robot

Hiroshi and Kohei Ogawa Japanese scientists designed the humanoid robot to study human and computer interaction. For Erica’s performance in “b”, Ishiguro and Ogawa have taught Erica to act by applying a method called ‘acting principles to artificial intelligence’.

As Erica has no life experience, she was created from scratch to play a different role. Her motion and emotions were simulated through one-on-one sessions, such as controlling the speed of her moment, talking and coaching character development and body language.

The team will use actual footage of the actor, including photo and video using technique called “full-body” CGI and a separate actor will provide the voice. Producers are still looking for a director and Erica’s human co-star though Erica did complete some scene in Japan back in 2019 so you won’t be able to see Erica’s performance, meanwhile until at least some time in late 2021. The team behind flick expects to finish shooting in Europe sometime in June 2021.

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