Known IT companies in Nepal


Verisk Nepal has provided development and product delivery services to Verisk’s business, including ISO and Argus since 2009.

What verisk says:

We’re focused on software projects and business operations. We consider our internal clients’ objectives and requirements from both a business and a technology perspective. Plus, we collaborate with Verisk’s businesses through all stages of a project, from team development and management to final delivery. We use standard software development technology, including Waterfall, Agile, ScrumXP, Kanban, and Kaizen; and we customize solutions based on business needs. We offer risk assessment services and software solutions across product lines. We’re involved in the design, development, testing, and maintenance of our internal clients’ software and applications.

2)Leapfrog Technology:

LeapFrog Technologies is one of the top outsourcing software companies in

Nepal with its headquarter at Massachusetts, USA. It provides enterprise software solutions and prototyping services to its clients. Currently, they

have more than 100+ employees.

What Leapfrog Technology say’s:

If we say we’ll do something, we will. If we say we’re good at something, we are.

When you choose Leapfrog, our team becomes your team, and we show an unrelenting commitment to your success.

3) Javra

Javra is a Netherlands-based company landed in Nepal in 2006. The team of Javra from Nepal provides the outsourcing services of software development to European customers. Javra tends on different software technologies like PHP, OpenEdge, Magento, iOS, .NET, Nodejs and many more.

What Javra says:

Innovation is the key factor for Javra’s success, this is one of the reasons that Javra opened an office in Nepal. From 2006 a dedicated team of talented R&D experts are in our Nepal office to help clients with their cutting-edge projects or technical solutions. Working hard and having fun is an important part of the Javra culture. Regularly Javra organizes team building sessions, in-company training and successful project celebrations. The employees of Javra Software consider Javra as a family company.

4)Cloud factory:

CloudFactory offers flexible, part-time online work as well as an opportunity to positively impact your community while contributing to the global economy. They are currently one of the tops software development companies in the country with more than 150+ employees and manpower like software engineers, data scientists, business leaders, etc.

What Cloudfactory says:

CloudFactory is changing the way the world works by providing an on-demand, digital workforce for scaling critical business processes in the cloud. We’re also on a mission to create meaningful work for as many people as possible.

 5)Log point:

Logpoint is European based software company. LogPoint delivers the most flexible and easy to use platform for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring your machine data whether it is generated by applications, databases, infrastructure, sensitive assets, manufacturing systems, or security systems.

What Log point says:

We are accelerating our customer’s ability to safely build, manage and transform their businesses, in a complex world. We provide cybersecurity automation and analytics that create contextual awareness to support security, compliance, operations, and business decisions.

6)Deerwalk inc:

Deerwalk is the splitted from Verisk and some of the seniors developed the new company called Deerwalk. It also primarily focused on American projects. Deerwalk is mainly focused on healthcare software solutions company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Currently, they are one of the leading software development companies and increasing day by day.

What Deerwalk inc says:

To empower our clients with tools that enlighten healthcare decision-making through data interoperability. Our aim is to improve the quality of care and reduce costs by creating a healthcare world that supports the free flow of protected information without data silos.


F1soft international Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top-level software development companies in Nepal.hey have created hundreds of software and one of the most used and popular software developed by them eSewa. Mobile Banking System, Internet Banking System, Tab Banking System, Cards Management System, Digital Wallet are some of the products they have created.

 What F1soft says:

Our solutions connect over 8 million people to various financial services in a manner that is efficient, affordable and real-time


Braindigit was established in 2008 contributing to the IT sector of Nepal with its business application development, mobile application development, etc. Braindigit IT consultant established and work for global software development for Enterprise and Business work.

What Braindigit says:

With over 10 years of experience in digital transformation, we can help set up your digital identity and transform your business into an online platform

9)Agile IT solution:

Agile IT Solutions is the ‘go-to’ software development company in Nepal, that specializes in software development and internet marketing services. Clients from all over the world have been given more than satisfactory solutions to their IT distresses.

what Agile IT solution says:

Everything you entrust on us will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. The market is filled with people claiming to be IT professionals, but probability speaks volumes. A little investment on your part for better results is the wiser thing to do. Agile It solutions offer a range of services, trained staff, and managers, along with a personal yet professional touch on any work we have.

10)YCO Pvt. Ltd. (Previously Yomari Inc. Pvt. Ltd.)

Yco is one of the oldest IT companies in Nepal was founded in 1997. Yco has been focusing on providing ICT related services to the Nepalese domestic market.

What Yco says:

The satisfaction of our clients and adding value to society have been two of our core focus areas in all our works. Our successful projects have revolved around providing ingenious solutions to the existing gaps in public service delivery and enhancing the value they are offering to the general public.

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