QuantumHack- International Virtual Hackathon in Nepal

QuantumHack is one of the Nepal’s largest student-run university hackathons. In collaboration with NxtGen, Quantum hack is organizing a first-ever international online hackathon in Nepal. The hackathon will bring industries and innovators together where they can collaborate with each other. Also, in this event, the innovators will solve some real-world problem in a short time i.e. 24 hours.

This event will be of full 24 hours, where 240 participants from all over the world will participate challenging with each other to think something outside the box. This hackathon will be the first-ever international virtual hackathon in Nepal where participants will share ideas and build technologies that impact our community and the world.

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What are the Themes for the Quantum Hack Events?

1- Disaster Management and Preparedness – Ready for the Next Disaster

Disaster Management and Preparedness’ is one of the themes for QuantumHack as the recent pandemic crisis has bestowed our unpreparedness. So, we need to improve our weaknesses to be combat-ready to face any possible future disaster.

2 – Fintech – Modern Financial Services for Everyone

The business world is a very competitive world and modern financial services are essential to every individual and business. In this context, Fintech has been able to provide such services to people who have only very limited access. Keeping this in mind, this event also has ‘Fintech’ as one of the themes so that some innovation in this field can be explored

3 – Education – Improving Upon Traditional Methods

The recent pandemic crisis has shown that we must improve upon our traditional methods to ensure that educational services are not disrupted by such crises. ‘Education’ has been included as one of our most essential themes for ‘QuantumHack’. This theme is added to make us well prepared in terms of continuous learning and teaching when the next disaster occurs.

4 – Health – Impacting life and death

This pandemic crisis has disturbed some of the most advanced health services in the world and exposed the weaknesses in healthcare delivery practices. So, there is huge room for improvement in healthcare. This is why ‘Health’ is one of the most exciting themes for ‘QuantumHack’. 

5 – Entertainment – The Promising Industry

Entertainment’ is an attractive segment for every hackathon. QuantumHack allows the participants to get creative in building entertainment applications like games and immersive technologies (AR, VR) applications. The entertainment industry is deliberately changing with the rise of immersive technologies.

7 – Open – Stretch your imaginations

The open segment of QuantumHack allows the participants to think out of the box. Here the participants can develop any technologies or software that can combat challenges. Those can be any challenges in the community or the world.

So it can be your chance to showcase your creativity according your choice.

Event Detail:

Date : July 31 – August 1, 2020

Time: 24 hour

Pre-event workshop : click here to resister here

Hackathon Registration: Click here to resister here

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