SATAN Anonymous Hacker

Satan an anonymous hacker is back on twitter after a couple of days with user name and password of government sites including National Museum, Krishi Bikash Matralaya, National Nepal Library.

He claims to have access to all “.np” domains of Nepal. He twitted on twitter about the poor security of DARAZ Nepal and asked them to fix the issue or they will force them to do. What is going to do ?

Not only Daraz he mentioned other big-name companies like Kantipur, Mercantile. He tweeted out saying that he had gotten into Mercantile’s system and shortly after that posted a screenshot which appears to be proof that he now has access to all the “.np” domains. 

SATAN hacks mercantile
SATAN hack nepal's site

He is completely anonymous and no knows how he is doing. But one thing is sure by doing this he is trying to bring change in Nepal as he said “Thanks for the support! Hope we can bring the change together <3”.

He also mentioned “operation #Justicefornirmala Soon!”. What next could be? 


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